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Top 3 tips to make your investors happy

Posted by Obsidian on May 9, 2019

Here are a few top tips to include to ensure good communication with your investors.


1. Personalize communication as much as possible

Communication is key to a good business relationship. In the asset management space this means maintaining relevant, personalized communication with investors on a regular basis. Whenever it’s not possible to meet with clients in person, you should seek ways to stay in communication via other means. A good way of maintaining relevant communication is through the client portal, which can make your life easier. It allows you to create dashboards for specific client types, monitor relevant business occurrences at all times, and shape your actions accordingly.


2. Focus on client inquiries

Many times organizations will claim that investor inquiries are their top priority. But, are they really? Be prepared to re-evaluate how deeply you understand client inquires, and whether they inform and guide your business operations. Small negligence can put you off track, and your processes and attitudes can stray from investor questions. Listening and paying close attention to what they care about is key to the ability to service your investors. Equally important is the capacity to focus your business processes around that as much as possible. And if you are able to draw on information from several sources in order to improve your understanding, you might be set to keep even the most demanding investors at ease. Simple tools like data rooms can help keep track of all documents being sent to answer investors’ questions.


3. Make information available for optimal response time

 This is a no-brainer, yet many organizations struggle with quickly compiling information and answering questions to investors. This is another area in which intelligent software and centralized data can really help. Investor questions are sometimes simple and quick to answer, if you have the right tools to quickly access all relevant information at your fingertips. Utilize the right kind of CRM to keep track of all interactions with each investor and understand the types of inquiries that come through. 


Over time, all of these elements build up investors’ confidence and are an effective for proving your capability to manage their assets. Maintaining positive investor relationships can also make future investment processes more seamless. By communicating regularly, honestly and fairly you will go a long way earning their support, both in good times and bad.



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