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IIROC endorses Electronic Signatures: Webinar recording + slides

Posted by Obsidian on May 30, 2019

The investment management landscape is constantly changing, allowing the modernization of key processes. Latest regulatory updates and new technologies will a have huge impact on the automation of key processes, improving investors’ and advisors’ experience, and forward-thinking companies that adopt them in time will gain a significant competitive advantage.

In this webinar, speakers talked about the latest industry trends and regulation updates, with focus on tools and technologies for digitizing subscription and KYC docs. 

See how your plans stack up against some of the biggest challenges facing advisors and investors and hear about the strategies, resources and technologies you need to tackle them head-on.


Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.28.28 AM


We discussed:

  • Challenges & opportunities in the Canadian Capital Market
  • Guidelines & regulatory updates – key industry guidelines and approvals, with the focus on the Canadian market. How changes in regulatory updates are changing the investment management landscape.
  • Available technologies – tools to get going today. Automating subscription & KYC docs.
  • Future of subscription processing.
  • A practical example, how to automate – SmartDocs digital subscription and KYC sign-off using DocuSign.


Watch the recording, download the slides, webinar Q&A to follow.


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