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How operational efficiency helps asset managers stay ahead

Posted by Obsidian on Apr 24, 2019

In the current environment, the investment management industry is facing the pressures of new regulations and lower fees, asset managers are looking for the best-of-breed technological solution to overcome those challenges and stay ahead of the competition, Clear Path explained in their latest report.

The 9th annual Fund technology, Data & Operations, Europe report, features leading fund operation officers gathered to explore trends circling in the investment market today. One of the topics covered includes the role technology plays in helping asset managers stand out from their competitors.


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Here are the key takeaways from the report:


  • Biggest issue facing institutional asset managers in today’s market is staying competitive against peers
  • Increasing investor demands as a result of new regulations and risks mean clients want to see advanced technology
  • The key benefit of using an advanced investor technology platform is that it allows investment firms to focus on what they do best: investing
  • Technology allows automation of all the key processes that investment managers must perform. If this is done correctly, it allows investment decisions to be more quickly brought to market and executed in an efficient way. Besides that, the investment managers can focus on the activities that really contribute towards the alpha of the fund.
  • The right technology done in the correct way can also bring its own alpha through operational efficiencies, such as the consolidation of data from multiple data sources. A technology platform needs to be able to consolidate that data and present a single view to the users of the platform.


The re-shaping of investment operations through technology


In the current environment, asset managers are strategically reviewing the platforms that are in place. They are looking for that technological solution that will help them make better informed decisions.

To do that, they need to select reliable vendors and platforms that will allow them to focus on their core business.

Obsidian’s technology uses advanced data algorithms to rapidly convert single-dimensional accounting and sales data into an interconnected network where its clients get exponential benefits through business intelligence and operational efficiency.

With the aim of becoming the standard operational cloud framework for asset management firms, Obsidian has created a modern platform with features that can provide great value to both small and large investment firms:


  • Significantly lower time to value through modular technology
  • Full prospect to established investor connection
  • eSignature integration for sub docs & KYC
  • Full data automation/calculation from TA & FA
  • Drag & drop personalized dashboards for internal or investor views
  • Modern plugin framework allowing for self-serve personalization and plug & play onboarding
  • Fast deployment of additional analytics plugins
  • Rapid integration with enterprise systems




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